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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Student Life

Umm.. wow!
I came back from student life camp in lookout mountain, Tennessee yesterday. I think i cried more this last week than i ever have. Jesus showed up in a big way in our youth group. While i was gone this summer, our youth went on a 40 day fast and prayed for their parents and family. Even though the fast is over.. our kids are still broken hearted for their parents. On the second night of worship, Chris Brooks spoke about the 2 blind men screaming without being ashamed, "Son of David, DO NOT PASS US BY!" Are we going to be the one's to let Jesus pass our parents, families, and friends by? After worship in church group time Everyone got on their knees and prayed to God for their parents. When they finished praying, mostly all of them got Brian's phone and had the boldness to call their parents and tell them they basically sucked. WOW!
It was my 7th year at camp with this church... and never have i seen something this intense! THANK YOU JESUS!