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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


So i wrote this when i was feeling very bogged down in sin and felt like i couldnt breath... school had just started and i was overwhelmed...

I need your help to get through what i can't. To find what is so long lost. Lord I need your Love to lead me on the path of whats right. I need your touch. Oh your strong hand to slap when when i do wrong, to fix my wrongs and make them right. I am so lost Lord. So buried deep in sin. So far gone Lord... can you heal me again? I know what to do and what to say, but Lord I need you to show me the way. This path I'm walking on might be fun.. but I can't enjoy the ride. Your spirit overwelms me and I feel the guilt. I lost you so long ago, can you bring me back in? I need your strength to carry me through this place thats too far gone. I need your hand to guide me to that place that I call home. God help me, I seem to have lost my way going through this wretched world day by day. Its so easy to get caught up in what they all say. But God I need your grace now to come in and save the day. Lord I am so far gone now, how can I ever get back to what i've lost? I need your love now to hold my heart and set me free. For it was for freedom that you paid that price. For freedom that you gave your life on that cross. Please help me oh God to realize what i've done help me to follow you and forget what i've become. I love you Lord: your grace is enough to take me and fill me up. For i am nothing and you are everything!

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