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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the reason for the name...

When I slip and I fail, can he still feel the nails that held him to that cross... those are some of the lyrics in a song written by Justin McLendon (He and his band "McLendon" was the band for Baskins Dnow weekend). When I first heard this amazing song... I broke down before God. I dont think I ever really thought about how much it hurt this amazing man everytime I stumbled in this life. I mean, seriously we hear it so much it almost becomes like Charlie Brown's teachers and parents. But when I heard those lyrics in this song, I fell down and felt like a horrible person... and I was a leader at a D'now! But I'm pretty sure God didnt care about that... he was just happy to see that I finally listened.
So about last weekend... D'now at Baskin = great-ness! Jesus did some serious movement in that place. We didn't get a final count but about 10 people accepted Christ for the first time. It was amazing.. and I couldnt help but cry! (p.s. I dont cry alot)
The Monday after this amazing "retreat" 3 of the girls from my church led 3 of their friends at school to Jesus.
I dont know about ya'll, but I think that's freaking amazing!
Fully Alive-- cause I am... Jesus is fully alive inside of me. The only problem is, he gave us a free will, and its up to me to make the right decisions.. and make him proud. So that hopefully he wont have to constantly feel the nails in his hands.

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  1. I'm seriously going to have to quit my day job to have more time to read blogs of amazing friends! Good job! Keep sharing your heart with authenticity -- God can use that!