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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Life vs. Death

So... If i had to choose between life and death, um, im pretty sure id choose life. And so then why is it that it's so easy for me to be so numb to the act of worship? I dont mean worship as in meeting together as a group of followers and raising our hands and singing praise, i mean worship as in the truest of its meaning. Liveing every minute of every second of everyday as if i were Christ. Doing things that he did, resisting temptations as he did, loving everyone as he did. Why is it so easy for me, for us as Christians, Christ followers to pretend that its okay to not act in that way. Why have we all fallen for this lie that the World plants at our feet everyday. Why are we all SO uneducated about the life that Christ desires for us? Why are we so resistant to the word yet find it completly easy to read something about vampires or wizards? Why do we all feel that we are better than the gospel? What has happened to us to make us think that we can make it without Him? The one that created it all! He is the master of the universe yet we think its okay to forget about him for a while.

I guess thats the beauty of grace. He is God, he has to power to forgive and forget about the things that we've done wrong. The beauty of grace is that he forgives. He accepts us for the uneducated people we are!
Thank you SO much Jesus for loving me the way i am. For seeing me as priceless and full of worth!

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