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Monday, September 13, 2010

Random Facts about ME...

1. i want to someday fall in love
2. i have a fear of being alone
3. i sometimes feel left out
4. i have 6 best friends and live with 3 of them
5. i love to watch football, and tell the players what to do
6. i love playing video games... SO much
7. i love my older brother, but sometimes he can be a jerk
8. i love people, there's not really anyone that i dont like
9. i seem to laugh at everything, even if its not funny
10. i dislike working, but someones gotta make money
11. i like the outdoors when im dressed appropriatly, i dont like to get sweaty when im dressed cute
12. sometimes i enjoy a short run.... but i give up too quickly
13. i drink way too much Dr Pepper and not enough water
14. i dont know what i want to do when i grow up...
15. I want to have 3 kids, 2 girls and a boy, of course the boy first...
16. i enjoy writting.... songs, poems, whatevers on my mind, i seldom share it with anyone tho.
17. i love to be with people pretty much ALL the time
18. if i had to pick between a romance movie and a comedy, comedy all the way.
19. I was born in the wrong century... i am old fashioned, from the way i dress to my music choices, to my movie preference... pretty much all old school
20. i dislike school work SO very much that i often avoid it to the very last minute.... i always find so much better things to do.
21. I sometimes like to pretend that im from England and talk with an accent.

There's so many more things... but i must get back to my homework now.

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